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Sales force lied to private party that almost purchased travel trailer from us that we traded into Wagner's RV. They told them they fixed many things and they traded for the trailer at $2500 more than what they did.

However the trailer was still in the same spot and position we left it at less than 12 hours earlier.

Once a customer catches someone in a lie even if rectified for other person, makes them feel like they were lied to the entire time also. Very dishonest and completely not there to service the customer as we had to ask Sales Rep to come out and show the model. Which after four minutes, he ran back inside.

Sales Manager also unwilling to pick up slack in office as only one rep was there and foot traffic was moderate that day.

Feeling in general is they are more about units there then satisfaction and building loyalty. Wagner's RV - Wisconsin's #1 RV dealer four years in a row, but at what cost to the consumer?

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I traded my car in at a car dealer and they sold it for $4,000 more than they gave me.....hmmmm thats my own *** fault for not selling it on my own which I HATE doing, let alone be mad at dealer for selling for a profit.....After all that is what they do, am i right? Plus i'm pretty sure the car/campers go through inspection before they are sold anyways.........soooooooo not sure i understand the complaint here lol.

Another case of a person that hates life and takes it out on others! I suggest if you buy ANYWHERE / ANYTHING, know what you are buying, get the facts and make a well informed and educated decision.....Then you cant blame anyone but yourself!

to Anonymous #1059268

The complaint is to inform those that choose to shop there be very aware. I could care less if they sold it for a $50k profit.

If they can get it more power to them, has nothing to do with a price. They claim the RV was not winterized properly and had to have service preformed on it to fix those issues on top of others. Yet they can't produce a service bill to show what was indeed fixed because it was sitting in the same spot the next morning; never moved in and out of the shop.

Your buyer, who we didn't have to tell where to go and buy it from calls them out on it and says I looked at it two weeks before and not a single thing was wrong with it. "I suggest if you buy ANYWHERE / ANYTHING, know what you are buying, get the facts and make a well informed and educated decision" That's precisely what the post is for is to help inform and educate those that go there.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #936299

Call the owner then: 920-655-7693

to Info Wausau, Wisconsin, United States #936390

We talked to the owner and made him fully aware of the entire situation. His response to us was to never set foot on one of his properties again.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #689650

We purchased a Heartland Prowler from Wagner's during the RV Show. Had nothing but problems with the camper and had to bring it back to Wagner's multiple times for repairs and it even had to be sent back to Heartland at the end of the season for a re-build due to the laminate siding coming away from the trailer.

Asked for some type of compensation from Wagner's for all the hauling back and forth and they said we had to take it up with Heartland. Our compensation from them was the repairs they were doing for free. Really? It's a brand new camper.

It shouldn't have needed repairs. Heartland told us we'd have to talk to Wagner's for compensation. Ran into another Prowler owner while camping and they had the same issues with their camper and same responses from both Wagner's and Heartland. Regardless whose fault this is, I won't go back to Wagner's and I won't buy another Heartland.

Buyer beware.

to Princess #1059192

I am a Bighorn Owner which is made by Heartland, bought from Wagner's Trailer Sales in Cleveland. Had it in for minor repairs which i owned a dozen other brands and similar things (minor stuff) So I read this and found it interesting that the dealer should reimburse someone for driving it there to get fixed.

Gosh sounds like a dream come true but isn't that why it has wheels on it? Never has my car dealer paid me to come get my car fixed - DAM! Lastly I would like to stand up for Heartland in this case as like all companies, they are not all equals.

Yes maybe the prowler was built like *** but doesn't mean the Heartland Bighorn is built the same! I would like to finish with my view of this review and say that in my experience of seeing how people take care of their campers, i would have to give my opinion to the fact this person did not maintain there Prowler and it fell apart like anything neglected.


Not much has changed since this post. I called on Thursday and got a good price on a new unit (since the similar used one posted on their website had sold).

Went in the following Saturday, no record of the price I was given and no budging on the new price they gave me when I made the trip there. On top of it, when about to leave, it sounded like the unit may be sold anyway.

No wonder they were no longer willing to negotiate. They don't post prices and they aren't consistent in what they provide when you talk to a sales person.

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