Suamico, Wisconsin

Bought a new 2014 Puma travel trailer earlier this spring. Took it home and started loading it up with our gear.

During the time we were loading it up we noticed 4 small items that need attention (loose trim piece, drawer wouldn't close all the way, potty wasn't fastened down tight, small gouge in vinyl floor). So we called the service department to set up a time to get these admittedly small items taken care of. We took the Puma in to get these things fixed and it took two and a half weeks to get it done. When we arrived to pick it up they tried to charge us for the work.

They told us the warranties didn't cover the adjustments. (remember, the trailer is less than a month old and was delivered to us this way) After a long drawn out argument they did not make us pay - Oh, they never did do anything with the gouge in the floor.

A couple days later I sat down and read thru the manufacturers warranty and the Limited Lifetime Warranty they're pushing. The manufactures warranty is pretty much a standard RV warranty ... OMG, the lifetime warranty is a joke.

Expensive annual maintenance is required, you can't do anything yourself.

All maintenance, repairs, winterization, etc., has to be done by a dealer during a certain time frame or your warranty is void. If my second trip to they're service department is anything like my first, the lifetime warranty will have a very short life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wagners Rv Rv.

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I love reading reviews from people that are helpless LOL....I am a RV owner and when i read things like this about TRIM that needed to be re-stapled and how ANGRY people are at the dealer because the TRIM is loose....ARE YOU KIDDING ME....grab a dam stapler and tack the SH*T up! No instead they cry about it and drag their camper back to a dealer all to waste fuel, time and the dealers time that they probably don't get paid jack for from warranty JUST TO SHOOT A STAPLE in the trim!

Haul your house down the road and tell me your cabinets, roof, siding and drywall wont come loose!!! Here is a case of you cant fix ***...but hey blame the dealer right LOL.....Buy a Tent if you are that in-competent <---(Tent) is part of that word, HA!

to Anonymous #1142062

Are you kidding me, you must work for Wagners because you sound like the kind of *** that would work for them. When you spend a bunch of your hard earned money on a camper, motorhome or what ever it is, you expect the place you bought it from to take care of you. You sir are an ***.

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